Intro to freediving

This experience offers a basic knowledge of freediving and introductory skills for
those who want to ease into the world of freediving.

Course Length

1 Day/ 2-3 hours


• At least 12 (with consent from parents).
• Be able to swim on the surface at least 300m non-stop with mask, fins
and snorkel.
• Medical and liability release form must be completed.

Course Outline

• 1x theory session.
• 1x pool/confined session.
• 1x 30 minute relaxation breathing.


• Introduction to Freediving
• Freedive breathing cycle
• Equalization
• Basics of safety in freediving
• Freediving disciplines
• Freedive Equipment

Pool/Confined Session

• Preparation of freediving gear
• Usage of freedive breathing cycle in the water
• Duck dives
• Finning
• Basic static apnea
• Basic dynamic apnea


Freediving equipment Is included. We encourage you to bring any of your
own for more options for finding the perfect fit.

What to Bring?

• Swimwear
• T owel
• Bottle of water

How to Prepare?

Avoid caffeinated drinks two hours before session. Avoid large meals two hours
before session.
Price: 800 SEK
Prices include: freediving equipment and insurance.